What Others Say

[testimonial name=”Kavan Sinha, Cricketer”]

As a young cricketer and more specifically a fast bowler, I needed to develop my fitness and strength to take my game to the next level. But at the same time, I did not want to spend endless hours doing boring, repetitive and outdated exercises. With Kulbir Sir, I found the perfect mix of dynamic and static exercises in combination with new and innovative training methods. Over a period of time, my performances in cricket and my overall body posture began to improve. This I owe to Kulbir Sir for his commitment.


[testimonial name=”Anjali Hegde “]

After a gap of nearly 8 years with many failed attempts at gymming in between,I finally joined Fitness First in 2011. I am flat footed and have a lordosis of the spine. Because of these two conditions I am injury prone especially while doing exercises which are normally done by most gymmers.
Kulbir carefully created a customized regimen for me and took it step by step. Over a period of time, I was able to significantly improve on my ability to lift weights, do squats, crunches, planks and lunges. Whenever I would develop joint pain, he would modify the program and would work on other parts of the body. I also improved my stamina through cardio programs which included treadmills, cross trainers and cycling.
Besides his long standing experience and qualifications, Kulbir is very observant, patient and persuasive. He encouraged me, trained me and counselled me through two years. I was able to improve upon my strength, body shape, weight and an overall feeling of wellness. I am grateful to him for making exercise and gymming a positive experience for me and making it a part of my daily routine.



[testimonial name=”Bhawna Sharma”] Fit Mantra is the only solution to real fitness. Thanks a lot guys, I’ve really been benefited a lot. [/testimonial]



[testimonial name=” Abhishek Mishra”]By following a regular diet plan, I’ve lost 5kgs in just 2 months. Hard to believe! [/testimonial]